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MKZ Carpet Cleaning Company in Toronto can clean your carpet and make sure it is clean and safe for your family, pets, and the environment. We offers affordable cleaning for Commercial Carpet Cleaning  and Residential  Carpet Cleaning service such us steam carpet cleaning , Carpet Shampooing, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning.  We have been told by our clients that we are THE BEST carpet cleaning company in Toronto Ontario. And they trust that our carpet cleaning  ensure their carpets are clean, sanitary, and free of harsh chemicals.

So if you are deciding to rent a carpet cleaning machine why not call us for a cheaper and more affordable carpet cleaning quote.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: MKZ  Carpet Cleaning company does not use harsh chemicals that will leave dangerous residue on your carpet where your loved ones will sit, walk, and play. We take no short-cuts, and, when we leave, your carpet will be truly clean.



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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Home Inspection

We operate in accordance with the best & accepted ethical business practices by first inspecting your home to identify and assess the condition of your carpet.

Carpet Vacuuming

Prior to cleaning your carpet, We make sure that solid particle, dirt and all insoluble soils are removed from your carpet. These are particles that damages your carpet fibers over time.

Pre - Treatment

Pre-treatment of our Carpet Cleaning Process involves spraying your carpet with our safe to use chemicals solutions  to loosen dirt, treat spots and stains, and mitigate odors.

Carpet Agitation

Using our powerful Counter Rotating Brushes(CRB) Machine we scrub  to fluff the carpet fibers to remove stains and allow the chemical solution work on the fibers while we agitate.

Hot Water Extraction

After the carpet agitation, We extract any chemical residual we applied during the pre- treatment  step and to also suck out all the dirt trapped in the carpet fibers. Some case extraction will not be done but Very Low Moisture method will be used.

Carpet Grooming & Drying

Upon completion of the extraction process the carpet is groomed with our special carpet grooming rake  to leave your carpet feeling fluffy and fresh. This is followed by setting up fan heaters to help speed up the drying process.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Steam Cleaning


If you want to protect your home, your family, and your health from the countless bacteria, fungus, pollen, pollutants, and tobacco smoke residue that might be trapped in your carpet, call MKZ carpet cleaning company. We will answer your questions and give you a free quote

Upholstery Cleaning


Let MKZ Upholstery Cleaning Company, the professionals with years of training and experience, clean your upholstery and keep it looking clean and fresh. MKZ Upholstery  Cleaning Company uses a hot water extraction with dry master technology, which is environmentally friendly because of our bio-degradable cleaning products.

Area Rug Cleaning


Our area rug cleaning products are SAFE for your family and the environment. We never use harsh chemicals that could harm your family, your rug, or the environment. We use bio-degradable products to clean your area rug. if you need your area rug deep cleaned contact us for a free quote.

Using Safe, Bio-Degradable, Cleaning Agents on Carpet

MKZ Carpet Cleaning Company distinguishes itself from the pack with continuous, up-to-date training which makes us aware of dangerous chemicals that could be used on a carpet. Knowing this, WE AVOID THESE DANGEROUS, CARPET CLEANING PRODUCTS AT ALL COSTS.

  • Our cleaning products are safe for your children and pets.
  • Our carpet cleaning products will not harm the environment.

Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

Our company cleans  carpets with in two main way. Dry carpet cleaning also known as Very Low Moisture- VLM and  steam cleaning method, also called hot water extraction. Although both method are we recommend hot water extraction especially  for heavily soiled carpets and upholstery we believe is the MOST EFFECTIVE, LONGEST-LASTING method for cleaning a carpet. Your carpet will be slightly damp after this process but should be dry within an hour depending on the weather condition of the day.

  • We have a powerful, deep extraction portable machine, that can pick up approximately 98% of the moisture we put down during the cleaning process.
  • We will set up fans to help dry your carpets more quickly. We recommend leaving your fans on after we done cleaning to speed up the drying process

Moving Furniture for Carpet Cleaning

We offer a package where we move most furniture when we clean your carpets. Some larger pieces of furniture, like pianos, china hutches, and similar items, cannot be moved. We will be happy to inspect your home and identify the furniture pieces that can be moved.

  • We advise that you move heavy furniture prior to your appointment to help us do our job. However small tables and chairs will be move for you at no cost. If you need heavy items move we can do that for a fee. Just lets us know
  • We also advise that  you move breakable items such as plate, glasses and mirrors from our path to avoid any accidents

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