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Professional Hardwood Refinishing Services GTA.

Scratches, dullness and whole areas worn bare by household traffic are signs that it’s time to refinish the floor 

Hardwood Refinishing MKZ Floor Care

Restore the Beauty of Your Floors with Top-Quality Hardwood, Carpet, and Rug Cleaning

MKZ Floor Care Specialists Are Nationally Known Experts providing Hardwood, Carpet and Rug maintenance services across the GTA
Hardwood Wax Removal

Professional Hardwood Wax Removal Service Toronto & G.T.A.

We are Toronto’s go-to carpet cleaners for everything from pre-inspection to pre-treatment, steam carpet cleaning, and deodorization
Wax Removal

Hardwood Wax Removal

Specialized Rug Cleaning Services for Clean, Fresh, and Vibrant Rugs
Hardwood Deep Cleaning

Do you need quality Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning for your home?

Don’t settle for less when you can get the best! Call the Hardwood Cleaning professionals at MKZ Floor Care  and Office  to help you out! 

MKZ Hardwood Deep Cleaning

Hardwood Cleaning

Do you need quality Hardwood Deep Cleaning for your home? Don’t settle for less when you can get the best!

Hardwood Refinishing


Wax Removal


Hardwood Deep Cleaning


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Hardwood Floor Care

Best Hardwood Refinishing In Toronto

At MKZ Floor Care,  we always strive to be ahead of our competitors by providing only the Best Hardwood Refinishing services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and all around the GTA.

Reveal the Hidden Elegance of Your Hardwood Floors

Uncover the true beauty of your hardwood floors with our specialized wax removal and deep cleaning techniques. Schedule your appointment now!

Best Hardwood Deep Cleaning Company in Toronto

Transform Your Space with Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services. Our Expert Team Restores and Revives Your Floors to Their Former Glory

Get a Free Quote Today! Refresh & Revive Your Hardwood Floors.

    Hardwood Clean & Buff

    Deep cleaning of your hardwood floors

    Hardwood Wax Removal

    Wax removal with our most advance eco friendly product

    Hardwood Screen & Recoat

    lightly abrading your floors to remove scratches and imperfection

    Polishing & Refinishing

    Application of new finishes to restore and protect your floors

    Let MKZ Floor Care Revive Your Dull Hardwood Floors with Expert Care



    ........ HOW WE WORK ........

    Our Process

    Our expert technicians will revive your dull hardwood floors through effective wax removal and deep cleaning. Experience the transformation today!


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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Cleaning and Buffing

    In Toronto & the surrounding areas. MKZ Floor Care offers hardwood floor refinishing, cleaning, buffing, and polishing services for both residential and commercial properties.
    So if your hardwood floors are looking a little dull, let us bring them back to their former glory!

    We have a powerful, deep extraction portable machine, that can pick up approximately 98% of the moisture we put down during the cleaning process.

    We will set up fans to help dry your carpets more quickly. We recommend leaving your fans on after we done cleaning to speed up the drying process

    We will set up fans to help dry your carpets more quickly. We recommend leaving your fans on after we done cleaning to speed up the drying process

    Professional Hardwood Refinishing and Cleaning Service in Toronto

    Dustless Floor Refinishing

    Carpet and rug steam cleaning is a popular method used to deep clean and refresh carpets and rugs. It is an effective way to remove dirt, stains, allergens, and odors from the fibers, leaving them looking clean and revitalized.

    Scratches Removal

    Pets can sometimes leave behind unpleasant odors on carpets due to accidents or general use. Carpet pet odor removal is a process that helps eliminate these odors and restore freshness to your carpets

    Color Correction

    Spills and stains on carpets are common occurrences in households and can be unsightly. It's important to address them promptly to prevent the stain from setting and becoming more difficult to remove. Contact us today.

    Using Safe, Low VOC Hardwood Finishes On Your Floors.

     MKZ Floor Care sets itself apart from the competition. Our commitment to continuous and up-to-date training ensures that we stay informed about the potential hazards associated with certain chemicals used in carpet cleaning. With this knowledge, we make it a top priority to avoid these dangerous carpet cleaning products at all costs. At MKZ Floor Care, your safety and the preservation of the environment are of utmost importance to us.