Covid -19 Disinfecting

As business slowly reopens due to  COVID-19, it has become  increasingly imperative that business have the necessary sanitary protocol in place to better protect their customers. At MKZ Group, not only do we have the necessary tools and equipment to help facility adapt to these  changes  but have trained employees ready to have your  gym facility cleaned. By continuously wiping down used equipment on frequent basis .




OXIVIR PLUS Disinfectant

A one-step disinfectant cleaner from Diversey Canada. Is based on proprietary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. It disinfects in five minutes. Kills Viricide, bactericide and fungicide. it also delivers fast and effective cleaning performance while being non-irritating to eyes and skin .Clean and disinfect equipment and non-porous hard surfaces

ULV Chemical Fogger

The Fogger is use to discharge the disinfectant by means of  fog  production. To achieve this first, the disinfectant is pumped through a high-pressure nozzle afterwards the solution is slowly sent through a vortex of high-speed air. The pressure breaks up the liquid into tiny droplets, which then spray out as an invisible fog. Our operators can adjust the size of the droplets produced by ULV foggers, allowing for different use and purposes. 


Our technician are give training on which areas to focus on when they arrive in your facilities; All high contact points will be disinfected- Doors, Entrances, Phones, Telephones and frequently touch surfaces.

Having a robust Covid-19 disinfecting for your business is going help prevent the spread of the disease with your facility. Been proactive about will only help your facility avoid potential outbreak than waiting till someone is infected. Contact us today for a free quote



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