Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities Cleaning Services

Educational and childcare facilities are highly susceptible to cross-contamination and viral or bacterial breakouts. Frequent deep and thorough cleanings can significantly reduce the spread of illness in schools. MKZ Group Incs will disinfect and deep clean all high-touch areas, including toys and learning supplies, to make your school a safe and healthy place for kids and their parents.

A Touch-Friendly Clean

Children are, by nature, kinesthetic learners. What does that mean? They touch everything! Kids transmit germs between one another at an alarming rate, so every surface needs to be disinfected and sanitized. MKZ Group Incs are aware that educational facilities require special care to attack all hot spots and hidden zones.

Cleanliness Spreads Safety

A healthy and safe child makes for a happy parent. The likelihood of a child getting sick also increases the likelihood of the parent getting sick. At an educational facility, great care needs to be taken to assure that germs are not taken home with the students.

Make The Best Impression Possible

Having a clean and sanitary educational facility is not just expected for health reasons, but also a necessity. An independent study found that a facility that is mindful of cleanliness is perceived to be 50% more favored than a facility that appears slightly dirty.

From Daycare Centers to Colleges & Universities

MKZ Group Incs are proud to offer quality commercial cleaning services to clients of all educational facilities, from daycare centers through colleges and universities. Reach out today to learn more about how our franchise professionals can make your life easier.