Professional Carpet Cleaning Ajax

Professional Carpet Cleaning Ajax

Carpet Cleaner Near Me. Planning to rent a carpet cleaning machine in Ajax? Don’t ! why go through all the stress while you can call our professional carpet cleaner to do it for you. If carpet cleaning price is what is you concern, worry not our price are very affordable.

If you’re looking to refresh the interior of your home don’t think you have to spend big bucks. Quality carpet cleaning is the perfect way to upgrade your space for less. Professional carpet cleaning in Ajax is a quick and simple way to remove stains, dirt, and odors that can find their way into your carpet no matter how careful you are.

MKZ Carpet cleaning in Ajax is your go-to carpet cleaning company for you. We offer first-class service at competitive rates. Not only that but our friendly and professional  carpet cleaners are careful and efficient, delivering only the best carpet cleaning result with as little disruption to your day as possible.

If you’re in Ajax and would like to schedule a carpet cleaning for your home, don’t wait! Call  647-699-6115 to book a cleaning today!

Best Carpet Cleaning Ajax


Whether you’re going to be putting your home up for sale  in Ajax or you’re just looking for a refresh for the upcoming season, carpet cleaning is a cost-effective way to restore your carpeting and give your interiors an overall crisp, fresh feel and far better than to rent a carpet cleaning machine from Home Depot in Ajax.

Our highly-trained professional carpet cleaners use only the best equipment to get the job done. We will lift  carpet stains, carpet odors, mud, moisture, and buildup to brighten and detox your carpets on all levels.


  • Our carpet cleaners will Inspect your carpet for any deep stains
  • Use no harsh chemicals on your carpet
  • Vacuum & Pre-spray all areas prior to cleaning
  • Pay special attention to all spots and stains and manually scrub it if needed
  • Fast drying of your carpet after cleaning
  • Groom your carpet after cleaning to leave it feel fresh
  • Provide you with recommendation on how to maintain your carpet

Improve  the natural color and feel of your carpet & Upholstery with the best local carpet cleaning company in Ajax

Remember when your carpet was new? it felt clean with its vibrate colors. and now it look like its worn out. No problem, at MKZ carpet cleaning  we have the tools and techniques to make your carpet bright again. We can help improve the natural fibers in your carpet by safely removing all the carpet stains trapped in it by using counter rotating brushes to life up the carpet dirt. Give us a call today.

In addition to our regular services. We also offer several additional treatment for your carpet and upholstery

  • Bio-Treatment – Pet stains and Odor Treatments
  • Carpet Disinfecting & Fungicide
  • Scotchgard  Carpet Fabric Protector

Eco- Friendly Carpet Cleaning Chemicals 

Our well trained  Professional Carpet Cleaners only use cleaning solution that are safe for your family and the environment. We do not use any harsh chemical that could potentially bleach your carpet or worse still affect the health of your family. All chemicals used are safely removed after the cleaning with our soft water rinse.

How To Prepare For Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

What to do the day of your carpet cleaning appointment  

The day before your appointment our office will call you to confirm all your details including your address and order. if you have any questions before then you can call our office or email us at

Before We Arrive:

  • Move all heavy items away from the room schedule to be cleaned. Ensure there are no breakable item inside the room
  • Pre- Vacuum your carpet to remove any dirt and dust
  • As much us we love animals we ask that you secure your pet prior to our available
  • Please do leave us a parking spot close to the entrance of your house so can have access to your rooms

What Happen After Cleaning

  • After we are done cleaning your carpet will be slightly wet for up to 24hrs or more depending on the weather, air flow and humidity in your room. You can help dry your carpet faster by turning up your heating system, placing a portable heating fan or  opening your windows during the summer hours to help speed up the drying process.
  • We ask that you avoid walking on the newly cleaned and wet carpet before drying is completed
  • We also advise you vacuum your carpet after is dried. This helps make your carpet more fluffy

How To Maintain and Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean And Vibrant

  • Vacuum regularly – By vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis you will be removing all dirt and dust that contribute to damaging the fibers in your carpet. The fibers in your carpet are crushed every time they accumulate dirt and you walk on them.
  • Spot Cleaning- If you spill something on your carpet have it cleaning immediately. Leaving stains in your carpet for a long time makes it harder to remove when you decide to clean it.
  • Carpet Protection – Treat high traffic areas in your room with a carpet protector. This makes cleaning easy whenever there is a spill or stain

Ajax Carpet Cleaning FAQ'S

For all pricing and special deals please check your our pricing page

Drying time depends on the air flow in your room and outside temperate. in most cases your carpet will dry within 24 hours.

We are available everyday of the week. Please call us to to book your appointment.

At MKZ we do not use any harsh chemicals on your carpet. Our cleaning method ranges from  using Hot water extraction to Very Low Moisture cleaning technique (VLM).

We clean all areas around the GTA. Give us a call

Yes we are fully Bonded and Insured.

Our payment method can be either Debit, Credit, E-transfer or Cash.